Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Update - Tweetwatches, Meet Ups and More!

It has been a busy month here at Disney Film Project, with all the amazing stuff being done by Todd, Cheryl and Brie especially as we get ready for Avengers!  In case you couldn't tell, we're all excited about the latest Disney film.  In case you've missed it, we have Tweetwatched every Marvel movie, and the DFP Podcast has featured some of the lesser known Disney heroes, like Condorman, Sky High and next week's episode - Bolt.  Make sure you check it all out before you go to the theatres this weekend to see Avengers, and if you're not convinced yet, go read Todd's SPOILER-FREE review of the film.  I will be seeing it at midnight on Thursday, so I'll hopefully have a review up on Friday as well.

But that's not the end of the Avengers fun!  Yes, our first ever Disney Film Project meet is taking place on Saturday, May 19 at the Downtown Disney AMC 24.  We will meet outside the theatre, then go in and watch Avengers together.  Stay tuned to the site as well as the podcast and the Plancast page for the meet to find out what showing of the film we will go to, but it will most likely be the late showing.  Remember, that's Star Wars Weekends as well, so if you haven't planned on going to Walt Disney World that weekend, book your travel now.

But after Avengers, what's next?  Glad you asked.  It's looking like a big Pixar summer, with Brave coming to theatres on June 22 and the all new Cars Land opening up at Disney California Adventure on June 15.  To prepare, we will keep up the Tweetwatches with some Pixar favorites by the directors of Brave, Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.  Here is the schedule:

May 8 (next week!) - The Incredibles
May 22 - Ratatouille
June 5 - Cars
June 19 - Wall-E

Every Tweetwatch begins at 8:30p ET, and you can join in the fun.  Just bring your copy of the Bluray or DVD, queue it up shortly before 8:30, and push PLAY when I tweet or post it in the Friendfeed room.  Then follow along in the Friend feed room as we talk trivia and more.

Plus, don't forget, the original mission of this site was for me to see all the Disney shorts and features in chronological order.  We are into 1950 now, so keep watching the blog for updates along the way, because we are getting into some interesting territory now.  Cinderella was last week, and soon we will see more True Life Adventures as well as some new TV items as well.  Make sure you follow along, and thanks for listening, reading and tweeting us at Disney Film Project!

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