Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Welcome Message From Rachel Kolb

To the listeners of the Disney Film Project,

Hello! My name is Rachel. You might have heard me guest host on the Unidentified Flying Oddball and Planes episodes. Recently, I was invited to join the podcast, and I happily accepted. I have been a fan of the podcast for quite some time, and I am so excited to now be involved with the show.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me yet. My love of the Disney movies and parks started at a young age when I researched Walt Disney for a school project. Not only was I impressed by his creative energy and the innovations created by his company, I was inspired by his self-confidence and unwillingness to give up on his dreams. It also helped that I grew up in the midst of the recent Disney renaissance with The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. When I discovered that I share my birth date December 5th with Walt himself, I knew I was meant to be a life-long Disney fan.

Today, I am a freelance film and television reviewer for JustPressPlay.net and a series of other online publications. I am also currently working on a children's book which I am writing and illustrating. My philosophy towards film criticism is looking at the whole film, from the costume design to the cinematography. It is important for a film to be well-written and well acted, but I try to also look at the production values in a movie and recognize the work behind it.

Outside of the show, I can be found on Twitter @rachelekolb, on Tumblr at http://rachelthenerdynewlywed.tumblr.com/, and at www.JustPressPlay.net. I look forward to sharing my love of all things Disney with all of you, and hope you enjoy what I have to share!


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