Monday, May 26, 2014

Disney Film Project Podcast - Episode 177 - The Million Dollar Duck

This week the DFPP is in search of a gamma irradiated duck that is on a rampage across the country leaving a trail of golden yolked eggs in it’s wake that may set the world markets crashing down in the 1971 family comedy The Million Dollar Duck.

Listen, download, etc.

Show notes:


  1. 1. I think you should get someone else to pick the films.

    2. What the heck happen to the film review posts?

    1. 1) It's actually fun to do bad movies once in a while.

      2) Do you mean Brie's posts? Or the non-spoiler reviews? Or Ryan's original "project"?

    2. Ryan's original project. I don't like the fact that you've been giving "Pluto" (the podcast), more attention than "Mickey" (the film review posts).


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