Monday, June 23, 2014

New Website Design

Hi Everyone,

We are working on a total redesign, but for now I have updated the look of our website. 

Thanks for Listening !



  1. Ugh, I hate it. I like this site better when it was just a blog. Thanks alot, Cheryl. It was bad enough that you've been picking the films for the podcast.

    1. Sorry. I did add easy to find shorts and project (posts by Ryan) on the pages menu so it will be easier for you to find when he has a chance to add some posts.

  2. Not that I don't enjoy your podcast - I really do, and I'm looking forward to more - but are you ever getting back to your original project where you wrote reviews for shorts and features in release order? Also, have you done the following films yet and if not, might you do them at some point? The two at the top are the ones I'd be most interested to hear you talk about:

    *The Black Cauldron
    *Super Mario Bros. (Hollywood Pictures)
    *The Great Locomotive Chase
    *Babes In Toyland
    *Sign Of Zorro
    *either of Disney's two Narnia movies
    *Snow Dogs
    *Hannah Montanah: The Movie
    *any of the Ernest movies (Touchstone)
    *Bicentenial Man (Touchstone)
    *I Am Number Four (Touchstone)
    *Gnomeo And Juliet (Touchstone)
    *Lincoln (Touchstone)
    *The Wind Rises
    *The Zenon Trilogy (Disney Channel Original Movies)
    *Stepsister From Planet Weird (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *Stuck In The Suburbs (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *Jett Jackson: The Movie (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across The Second Dimension (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *Pixel Perfect (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *The Luck Of The Irish (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *The Suite Life Movie (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *The Ultimate Christmas Present (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *either of the Kim Possible movies (Disney Channel Original Movies)
    *Smart House (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    *Quiz Show (Hollywood Pictures)
    *Powder (Hollywood Pictures)

    1. Hi, That is up to Ryan and his schedule
      we covered Tex.

      Also sign of Zorro

      We are planning Black Cauldron and Popeye


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