Monday, April 30, 2012

Sky High Review by Briana Alessio

Lots of content this week on the site, including this review of last week's podcast film, Sky High, by the one and only Brie!  - Ryan

Superheroes?  Check.  A flying bus?  Check.  Kurt Russell?  Check.  I never thought these three would ever be associated with one another in a film.  It looks as though only Disney could make that happen.  Sky High from 2005 is about the son of a superhero couple who does not think he has inherited any power of his own.  Much to his happiness, he certainly has.

This is a very enjoyable film.  It is obviously a bit cheesy, but rightfully so.  It was awesome to see Russell back in the Disney brand as Steve Stronghold aka The Commander.  From The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes to this, he has come a long way, but in such a wonderful manner.  Kelly Preston stars as Josie Stronghold aka Jetstream.  They work very well together onscreen, especially during one of the first scenes where they take down a huge robot attacking the city.

Michael Angarano stars as the lovable Will Stronghold, the son of Steve and Josie.  He did a great job in this film, as well as Danielle Panabaker as his best friend turned girlfriend Layla.  I knew I recognized Zach (the dude who glows), and sure enough, it was Nicholas Braun who I loved in the Disney film Prom!  Mary Elizabeth Winstead provided the shocking turnaround role as Gwen Grayson.  Steven Strait delivered a standout performance as Warren Peace, who was the enemy turned friend of Will’s.  It was also shockingly interesting to see Dave Foley as Mr. Boy (I watched NewsRadio all the time growing up) and Cloris Leachman as Nurse Spex.  And of course, what would a super cool Disney film be without the voice talent of Patrick Warburton?  He voiced the evil Royal Pain.

Sky High was directed by Mike Mitchell.  The music in the film was brilliant, composed by Michael Giacchino.  He composed songs for Disney films John Carter, Cars 2, Up, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles.  He also supplied music for a film I personally love, Super 8.

I need to take a quick moment here to say how very cool it was to see Lynda Carter as Principal Powers in this film.  I pretty much screamed “WONDER WOMAN!!!” at the television when she appeared.  Her first appearance with the music in the background reminded me of Warburton’s instructions before boarding Soarin’ in WDW.  Oh, and I immensely enjoyed hearing her say “I’m not Wonder Woman, you know.”  Okay, done geeking out now.  Actually, I’m never done geeking out but this is beside the point.

On the IMDb website, I found a fantastic piece of information to share with you all.  The number on the Stronghold Realty sign is 1-800-656-1482.  When you call the number, a message comes on saying, “Thank you for calling ABC, the number you have reached is a fictional non-working number used for motion picture, and television production.” 

My favorite character in the film is the bus driver, Ron Wilson.  I do not feel he had enough screen time, but his moments were priceless.  The fact that he did not have powers himself made his character endearing.  Wilson’s effort throughout the film was so enjoyable.  Kudos to Kevin Heffernan for his sweet portrayal.  My favorite scene was during the part where Steve Stronghold/The Commander found out that Coach Boomer called Will a sidekick.  He broke the phone accidentally, and opened the kitchen drawer to find a handful of additional replacement phones.  That was brilliant writing!  I also absolutely loved when Magenta turned into a guinea pig.  So cute!

To be completely honest, I was unsure as to what to think going into this film.  I figured it would be overly silly and that I would not enjoy it.  The complete opposite happened.  I enjoyed the film immensely and am looking forward to the day I watch it again.  Sky High is 100 minutes of pure fun and laughs.  Many thanks to the Disney name for giving us such a wonderful family film!

My Rating: 4/5

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