Monday, October 29, 2012

Disney Film Project Podcast - Episode 95 - Hocus Pocus

This week the DFPP team trick-or-treats in Salem Massachusetts to celebrate Halloween and discovers that three old witches and a magic book don’t have anything on a container of salt and a talking cat in the 1993 horror comedy Hocus Pocus.


  1. Listening to you guys being weirded out by this movie (and it IS a weird one) was funny! I always enjoy your show and find how much fun you're obviously having doing this very infectious!

    I'd like to politely point out just two things that I think you missed, though:

    1. The witches were after the three main character children because those ones took their spellbook. The spellbook had the recipe for the potion that they needed to suck out the lives of the children, so they actually did need to go after these three children before they could go after the others.

    2. According to wikipedia, there is one more Disney film you haven't covered that was directed by Kenny Ortega. It's called "Cheetah Girls 2".

    1. Awesome thanks. Our point, I think, was that once they had the potion there was no need to continue after the 3 kids. They could have gone to use it on any child.

      As for CG2... well I guess Mr. Ortega won't be looking us up any time soon then :)

  2. When is Bri going to be back? Without her, I find these recent episodes are lacking.


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