Thursday, December 27, 2012

Babes in Toyland Blu-ray Review

Considered one of the greatest of the Disney Christmas movies, Babes in Toyland is a timeless classic.  It is the first live-action musical made by Walt Disney, and is a start to a great studio tradition.  Based on the Victor Herbert operetta of the same name, this film adaptation was not the first, but it quite memorable and enjoyable.  Ward Kimball, who brought the film to life, was not a huge fan of the structure of Herberts story.  So he restructured it to make the story flow better and be far more understandable to the movie going audience.  Many agree it was a success.

Sadly though you won’t find any information about the movie on this Blu-ray.  The release contains no special features at all.  This is a shame on many levels - as you know I’m not a fan of wasted space on Blu-rays.  That said, this release contains a newly digitally restored version of the film that has warmed hearts for more than 50 years now.  If you’re a fan and want to see a very crisp and clean version of the movie you’ll want to get a copy.  If you’re satisfied with a copy you already own there’s no other reason to purchase at this time, unless you manage a good sale.

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