Monday, December 31, 2012

Disney Film Project Podcast - Episode 104 - WALL-E

This week the DFPP team finishes off their second year by taking a trip on board a luxury starship and learn that with a bit of hope, love, and some help from their robot friends that humanity will endure in the 2008 animated adventure Wall-E.


  1. Another great episode, about one of my all-time favorite movies (5 out of 5 from me)!

    One little tidbit I noticed is that the flagship of the fleet is the Axiom (which you did mention). It's an interesting name, since the word means, "a self-evident truth that requires no proof; a universally accepted principle or rule." This is a ship humanity has lived on for hundreds of years, doing exactly what they're told and never questioning anything. They simply accept what they're told as fact...until Wall•E comes along.


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