Friday, June 17, 2011

Disney Film Project Podcast Listener's Choice!

Alright, we solicited choices from you for what movie you would want us to do on the Disney Film Project Podcast.  We got some eclectic choices and some mainstream ones, so we chose 5 good ones to choose from.  Here's the finalist.

Never A Dull Moment - 1968

This Dick Van Dyke comedy is a hidden gem in the Disney canon.  So hidden that I had never heard of it.  I'm eager to get to it, so let us know if you want us to do this one on our listener's choice show.

The Black Hole - 1979

Lots of talk about Joseph Kosinski of Tron: Legacy remaking this one, but it seems that has died off.  However, this Disney take on sci fi is "interesting" to be sure. 

Oliver and Company - 1988

Before Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast came a couple of other animated features, including Oliver and Company.  This take on the Oliver Twist story with all dogs is one I'm very interested to see.

The Princess Diaries - 2001

Julie Andrews.  Anne Hathaway.  Need I say more?  We haven't done this one yet, but it's one I'm eager to review. 

Treasure Planet - 2002

When the same guys who did Beauty and the Beast take on the Treasure Island story in space, I'm there.  It will be interesting to talk about what worked and what did not in this one.

Alright, there's your choices.  You have until next Thursday night, June 23 to vote.  Get ready and vote!


  1. Do I vote here? If so Princess Diaries :)

  2. Kinda biased as two are in my library...but I vote Treasure Planet


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