Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Film Project Podcast - Episode 1 - Beauty and the Beast

Come one, come all - the first episode of the Disney Film Project Podcast is now live on iTunes!

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Show Notes:

Enjoy the show, and look forward to next week's episode!


  1. Great first episode. Love B&tB. I really enjoyed hearing the in depth analysis of one of my favorite films. I also thought that the film, Waking Sleeping Beauty, had great behind the scenes and production stories of this great film.

  2. what is the URL for the feed with the Enclosure tags as the dafualt blogger rss feed doesnt have them. I dont use itunes to manage my hundreds of podcasts in my subscription list.

  3. I really loved the first episode! It was amazing. Thanks so much for starting this podcast! :-)

  4. Computer's going really slow right now, but I'll be sure to get a good listen once I go back to my old reliable, La Ptop.

    Btw, you skipped "Plastic Inventors", the last Donald Duck short released with Carl Bark's writing.

  5. Good first show. I can't wait for the next one.


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