Friday, April 29, 2011

Disney Film Project Podcast Goes Interactive!

Greetings, listeners!  Okay, we have a few shows under our belts, we have our sea legs, and it's time to get you guys more involved in the show.  We love our listeners, so we want you guys to have more fun with the show and help us make it better for you.  So today, we're doing two things towards that goal.

1.  Follow Along With Us - starting today, we'll be announcing here on the site what the next show is, so you can watch the movie before you listen to the show.  Over on the right hand side, there's a graphic showing the movie poster for the next show.  This week, it's Cars.  We'll try to announce the next show midweek so you can go out and rent/watch the movie. 
2.  Listener's Choice - This is one we're really excited about.  In our upcoming schedule, there is a week that we have not chosen a film.  So what better option to pick our movie than to let you, the listeners, pick the film we review?  Leave a comment here, or on the Facebook page or Twitter feed as to what movie you want.  We'll aggregate the comments and put up a poll on the top four movies.  You pick what we discuss!

Thanks everyone so much for your support of the show, and we hope that these new ideas will help you become even more involved and make the show more fun for you!


  1. I would love to hear a Princess Diaries episode!

  2. Captain EO Captain EO Captain EO Captain EO Captain EO


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