Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Musings

I know some people are probably wondering why we have not moved on past Alice the Peacemaker and just gone on to the next short. Well, right after that is Alice Gets in Dutch, which I have on the Disney Rarities DVD, but next up is Alice Hunting in Africa, which I do not have. So, as soon as I get my hands on the new DVD with both Alice the Peacemaker and Alice Hunting in Africa, I’ll be able to start tearing through the remaining five shorts of 1924 in short order, then move on to 1925.

  • Another question I get frequently is where to get the Alice shorts. I addressed this earlier, that many of them are up on YouTube. That’s a great place to view, but as I move forward on this blog, I’m not going to be able to link to YouTube clips of things like the Mickey or Oswald shorts, because Disney has released them on DVD. So, as we go, I’ll try to include links where to purchase those items, so everyone can follow along as we move through the project.

  • That brings me to another point. My goal with this project is to develop a community of people to watch along with me. I try to keep to a Sunday-Thursday posting schedule, but I am mostly looking at getting new content up five days a week. I’d like to hear from the readers, though, as to what else you would like to see. Reviews of current Disney films, more thoughts on films in the parks, etc.? Leave comments as to what you’d like to read about here.

  • Speaking of current Disney films, I finally got to see Bedtime Stories a week or so ago. I loved it. It has grown on me since watching the film. Adam Sandler plays his normal self, and the other characters are typical Disney archetypes, but there is a definite charm to it, similar to the old live action classics. Sandler offers a modern take (all about the money and women) but the kids, the love interest and the interesting side characters reminded me of films like The Apple Dumpling Gang.

  • And finally, I’m really looking forward to another Disney film, Race to Witch Mountain. I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Dwayne Johnson, all the way back to his days as “The Rock” in the WWE, and the Witch Mountain films were favorites of mine from the Disney live action films post-Walt. I’m planning on re-watching them before taking in the new film, which is said to combine the creepy/sci fi aspects of the originals with some major new actions sequences. If you caught the trailer during the Super Bowl, you know what I mean. Make sure to check this out when it comes out March 6.

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