Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, after my lengthy tribute to Touchstone Pictures on Friday, it seems as though there may be a reason to retire that brand. Confessions of a Shopaholic, the new Touchstone film released over the weekend, did not do so well. It opened in 4th place, pulling in just over $15 million, behind the new Friday the 13th movie and He’s Just Not That Into You as well as Taken. Not great results for a date movie on a holiday weekend combined with Valentine’s Day. Could it be that people don’t want to see a movie about a shopping crazy girl in this kind of economy? I haven’t seen the film, but it could be a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Meanwhile, I am beginning to wonder about the prospects of Disney’s big film release for the spring – Race to Witch Mountain. Why, you ask? Because the buzz is building at an epic rate about a big action adventure movie coming out one week earlier…Watchmen. Watchmen is actually a complex film with shifting moralities, but the trailers are wisely presenting it as a popcorn flick about superheroes, and I have a feeling it will be a huge hit. Will it steal the thunder from the marketplace a week before Witch Mountain hits on March 13? It is beginning to look that way.

Speaking of new Disney films, High School Musical 3 is out on DVD today. I should probably not admit this, but I loved the first two films. I wasn’t able to make it to the theatres to see this one, but I plan on watching it soon. To me, these films are the types of things Disney should be making. Mix High School Musical and Hannah Montana with movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Race To Witch Mountain, and you’ll keep your core audience for years.

Finally, my favorite bit of Disney news today – Disney has signed a deal with LEGO! My son and I are LEGO fans of the highest order. We’ve put together tons of the Star Wars sets and they’re just great fun. When the Pirates films came out, we bought the Mega Bloks sets that were based on those films, and they are just not the same. LEGO sets hold together better, the parts are more useful and multipurpose, and they’re just more fun to play with. The deal calls for LEGO toys based on Toy Story 3, Cars and Prince of Persia, that will be released in 2010. From there, who knows? I know I would love a LEGO Haunted Mansion, or a LEGO Cinderella Castle to put together. How about you?

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