Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Disney Blog Roundup

Friday again, and time for a roundup of some of my favorite blog posts this week in the Disney blogosphere:

Theme Parks

Amanda needs some dining advice for her January trip to Disney, over on the Disney College Blog.

Kristin Helmstetter reviews the 50s Prime Time Cafe at the Studios

Yours truly talks about Disney Weekends at

Disney films

Check out Todd Perlmutter's Toy Story 3 review. Very good.

Honor Hunter brings us news of the newest Marvel film, and the first produced by Disney.

2719 Hyperion takes a look at a hidden message in Beauty and the Beast.

General Disney Fun

Stuart, @DisneyGeekDad on Twitter, looks at the Disney Twitterverse.

Anything you've read this week you want to share?

Also, I'll be out on vacation next week, but will try to share some photos and info from my trip, since I'll be headed to Kansas City and Marceline! Look for less frequent updates, but back into the full swing of things on July 6!

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  1. This is so exciting, thanks for featuring me amongst so many other great bloggers!


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