Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Great Alice Mix Up

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, for I owe you all a great apology. In my travels this week (I've been up down, all around since Monday), I have been posting under the assumption that Dawn O'Day was portraying Alice. In truth, I have been inaccurate.

The second Alice was not Dawn O'Day. Oh no! It was in fact, Margie Gay. Gay portrayed Alice in Alice Solves the Puzzle, the first film without Virginia Davis. At the time, Walt and the crew were trying out some new actresses, to see who would fit the best. But they had no time for more formal auditions, since they had to get the cartoons out.

Margie Gay in Alice Solves the Puzzle

So, the following short, Alice's Egg Plant, saw Dawn O'Day's one and only appearance as Alice. The rest of the Alice shorts since Alice Solves the Puzzle were actually Margie Gay's work. So, I unfairly maligned Dawn O'Day in Tuesday's Alice Loses Out review.

Dawn O'Day in Alice's Egg Plant

My apologies to both actresses, and to you, the reader. I will make sure I have a little more time to research before posting as we move forward. Later today, we'll roll out with another review, this time of the Margie Gay starring Alice

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